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find the latest uplifting news, investigations, videos and more on named 'amen': florida teens stranded at sea pray for

the crew on the boat hauled them in and gave them blankets to warm up. captain eric wagner had a surprising yet fitting revelation for the teens the boat's name is the 'amen.' both teenagers

mass effect

a marine will inform you and the lt. of a hollow cavern near your location. chances are that's where the rachni are coming from. chances are even better that your going to be the one stuck cleaning it out. the cavern is west of your current location, hop into your whip and head out. once you arrive on location leave the mako behind and enter the mine. after entering the mine about 1/3 of the

legend of zelda: spirit tracks walkthrough

you only have 300 seconds to make it to the castle, which is plenty of time as long as you know what you're doing. from the get-go, kick the train into top-gear via the gearbox on the right--this

medabots: metabee

if you don't have a complete set, the game will skip over the parts until it finds a complete set. if it doesn't find a complete set, an empty tinpet will be the result. also, if you have a complete set, but one part is being used by a different medabot, that set will be treated as incomplete unless you have more than one of that part . - is a complete medabot already built? if so, the game

divine divinity

if you are looking for it, slasher can be found on this level, it is in a treasure room thats under a floor tile. catacombs: third level ----- from the stairs go east and then south into the large room. the stairs down are in one of the coffins located in the center of this room, but they are locked. to unlock the coffins you have to open the 4 tombs that are on the platform surrounding the

doom 3

you can make yourself feel better with some shells when you crawl under the floor do so by going right of the door, and crawl . when you are done, enter the next room. nothing dangerous in this room, but the next room will have an imp that'll jump at you right away, so ready your gun. this is where you got the pda earlier, but if you don't have it yet, you can get it now. the medkit that was

infinite undiscovery

it can be divided into four floors: - 1st floor has exit to cobasna, an inn, a chapel, general store, stairs leading to b1 floor, stairs leading to 2nd floor, and elevator for transporting to 2nd or 3rd floor - b1 floor has item shop, accessory shop, two weapon shops, armor shop, and two houses - 2nd floor has two corridors with multiple houses, a library, an elevator for transporting to 1st

the 100s ricky whittle left because he was bullied by the

the hits keep coming for the 100 and its creator jason rothenberg. following weeks of backlash from the lgbtq community regarding the hurtful way in which the series killed off alycia debnam-carey


a bahraini anti-government protester, masked against the tear gas, carries a national flag and stones during clashes with riot police in the village of shakhura, bahrain, aug. 14, 2013. credit