build a deck out of wood pallets

inside an amazon warehouse that ships your supersized

shelves loaded with pallets reach several stories up to the roof, and the stuff kept there gets picked by an army of 230 powered industrial trucks fitted with forklifts that extend all the way up

7 homes built with shipping containers

wooden panels line one side and recycled wood pallets, painted white, line the other. the pallets are closed during the summer to protect the house from sun-produced heat, but can be opened in the

8 homes made from recycled materials

building an entire home out of recycled materials may not be feasible for everyone, but there are plenty of ways to incorporate salvaged or reused materials into a home's design.

quantum break

objective: make your way through the building as soon as you are inside the building there is a tv on the workbench directly in front of you. check this out for media 01/02 night springs .

dead island

make sure you have full fury meter and head out on this quest, having a few medkits on hand isn't a bad idea either. make your way from the church to the abandoned house and be ready to move fast. the toxic cloud in here will slowly kill you, so move through the door and open the fridge to find a brand champagne . in the kitchen is a thug, kill it quickly and search the briefcase near the


this draws out one guard from inside the building and another group of guards farther down the dock. two of those guards have shields. you can age the hook holding the pallet of explosive barrels. you can destroy the rectangular wooden boxes with the hinges to get access to a pair of propane tanks. move along the right edge of the dock and look for a couple of random items by the crane pillar

a week of date nights in sea

a few others for a pallet and wallet break that haven't been mentioned i think are 2 of maria hines places: tilth romantic, has a deck, nice for a lingering lunch too , and her modestly priced middle easternish place, the golden beetle in ballard . oh and for down low fabulous mexican food with homemade tortillas in a super casual downtown setting - puerco lloron on the university steps

deus ex

the glass here looks out on the roof of some building being guarded by nsf. this is where they keep that generator. pick up a small metal crate. behind the left one, you can find yet another prod charger. return to the window you entered through. use the metal crate to jump back to the roof, and find the ladder that leads down on the south side. when you're at the top of the ladder, look down

far cry 3

walk across the beam here and climb the wooden pallets on the right of the area. jump up to the next platform above. enter the door on the left for a story sequence. mash the button that appears on-screen during the scene to continue. youll now be in the back of a jeep flying along the dirt roads. note that you will also have in your possession a grenade launcher. as you drive along, a

batman: arkham knight

you have to make your way there but first, it will be better to take out the guards silently to make your job easier. after knocking out the guards, access the terminal. you have to make your way to the highest vantage point in the area รข the top of the ace chemicals building. while the batscanner is airborne, move the cursor until you feel that the controller is vibrating. now press

chest locations

on the deck of the building directly to the right of the watch shop. loot: the pest's quest loot: the pest's quest to the right of the steakhouse there is a cement block you can use to climb over the wall and follow the path back.

watch dogs

the best path to take is to head out the back of the cafe and along the east side of the building and out the side service door. act 3: for the portfolio this mission begins automatically when you reach the waypoint outside blume at the end of the previous mission.

black the fall

there is a conveyor carrying suspended wooden pallets above. wait until one of these passes below the turret and it will block the spotlight for a short time. use this opportunity to walk beneath the pallet to avoid the turret's view. drop down when you reach the end of the ledge.

trading spaces

trading spaces redecorates two harlem rooms in this episode. designers laurie smith and kia steave dickerson want to create a second renaissance of their own for these out-dated rooms.