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games i've played: fire emblem: awakening chapter 19/26

i resumed sometime in august, but fell off again, and picked it up for real near the end of september. i'm now on the warpath to finishing it, if just to finally put it behind me. i say this just to establish that you should take my opinions about this game with a grain of salt.

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freeze me comfortable with the inherent contradictions, ishii throws all sexual politics to the wind in his highly stylized, fearlessly gratuitous fantasy, an unsettling mix of titillation, morality, victimization, and empowerment.

lost odyssey

if you then turn around, and head south, around the rocks near the chest and pot, you'll find two more pots. one holds a flare bomb and the other, a valuable slot seed which you can use to allow yourself to set an additional skill on one of your immortal characters. lastly, just a bit south of the pots, is another tree that you can ram. do so, and a seed will fall to you. that's about it

fallout 3

small garden gnomes ----- go to the satcom array nn-03d. enter in the nn-03b-a and from here, go up the ladder to the top and over the wooden bridge to nn-03b-b. go up to the ladder where you enter to the capital wasteland near the top of the tower. these tiny gnomes, along with tiny large whiskey bottles, whiskey, vodka, and wine can be found on a chessboard on a table. small and large

breathtaking hubble telescope images

the fantasy-like landscape of the nebula is sculpted by the action of outflowing winds and scorching ultraviolet radiation from the monster stars that inhabit this inferno. in the process, these

anarchy online

near the end of the deep subway, you'll find a room filled with slum runners. the respawn time is slow, but these slum runners give a great batch of xp. things that you should do ----- * living cyber WPC is dropped in the deep subway by most of the humanoid enemies. this is a leveling item, and goes all the way to ql 50. they can also be acquired in a series of quests, although the chest

darth vader respect thread part 3

darth vader respect thread part 3 by zapan871 may 14, 2016 48 comments. this is the third part of my darth vader respect thread, which i created due to the content of my previous blogs being too

does godzilla always win? godzilla vs hulk

america's landscape was reshape with visible craters that can be seen from space from the attack. godzilla is stated to have tanked the permian impact that killed all life of that era.

aizen and madara vs sds

greatest sun is nowhere near kurama's explosions. tarmiel and sariel are absolute fodder while ludociel and mael don't have enough durability feats to suggest they won't get vaped.

tales of phantasia

near the southern entrance to the east is a melange gel. at the northern end, there are three buildings. the two left-most have a small path wedged in between. take this to find a sack with 2600 gald. the food shop, sirloins, has a chef against the entrance wall who will teach you the recipe for tenderloin. be careful not to miss him; it's crowded and he's right near the entrance. leave the

tales of destiny 2

tomato - the garden in front of the first house 2. bread 2 - in the stove in the first house 3. lettuce 3 - break the gate in the south part of the first screen, then hit circle on the fence in front of the lettuce patch 4. leather mantle - try to open the treasure chest on the veranda of the inn; the woman will give you this in exchange 5. rice - in a pot next to the food seller in the