how much does composite wood flooring per foot

7 homes built with shipping containers

the containers typically come in two lengths, 40 feet and 20 feet, and are less than 8 feet wide and about 8 feet high when insulation and interior walls are added, making for an awkward living space.

2015 mlb first-year player draft: first round complete

major league baseball's annual first-year player draft draft is upon us the draft began at 7pm et and we've now completed the first round. the remaining 1,140 picks or so will take place tuesday

polk monitor 30 review: polk monitor 30

the bad the cherry version's finish looks a little too much like the $239 per pair , may not have the same impact, but it's certainly a solid value in the compact class. standing 11 inches

john wick horror escape challenge

dexter floor i know john wick will be prepared for any and all attacks made against him. an ambush falls into that category. dexter misses with his stealth needle thrust to the neck. then its

inside the world's largest airplane factory

since the dreamliner is made of composite materials, its skin doesn't have the same sea green color that boeing's metal aircraft wear before painting. above the factory floor are offices and

suspected intentional home audio interference

i have 3 onkyo tx8511 receivers on different floors of my house, with onkyo dx-c390 cd players attached, along with 4 speakers, some with long leads, with each system.

mcu cap runs composite captain america's strength gauntlet

aviation fuel weighs 6lbs per gallon and the bell 47 had a gas tank that was 43 gallons. so 21.5 gallons * 6lbs = 129lbs of weight. add in 2 average male's 190lb each and you get a grand total

how to install a dishwasher

to do this, hold a bubble level against the top of the inside of the dishwasher and adjust the feet to make sure it is flat level left to right. next, hold the same level against the front edge of

lumber liquidators

lumber liquidators is a u.s. company, but much of its laminate flooring was made in china. and as we discovered when we first reported this story in march, it may fail to meet health and safety

10 home renovations that will pay you back

a tankless water heater can be installed for about $4,200 in a 2,200 square-foot home, and led converter bulbs can be bought for about $14 per light, said george. you don't have to wait until you

compare deck cost per square foot prices in

compare prices and shopping results for deck cost per square foot from has the best deals and lowest prices on deck cost per square foot

2nd floor room, how much weight is safe?

2nd floor room, how much weight is safe? the a drain follow. this question. i was doing research because i want to build a 2 story shed in our yard, and wanted to see what size wood i would need to support the second floor. the first floor is for storage, the second floor is a chill place, so i guess you could call it a guest house. i looked up building codes, and the supporting weight