how to build a pergola attached to the house video

how to build a star trek borg pictures

the borg model at the build-a-borg demo worked on this elaborate costume. here's a good look at the legs and the molded electronics shapes built into the material.

how do u build a second level? and how do i attached the

im getting mad bc i cant figure out how to put the stairs in my house bc it keeps saying low ceiling and i dont kno how to put a second level in

basic alexa tips and tricks

alexa the virtual assistant has come a long way over the past few years. here are a few tips whether you use an amazon echo, dot, or tap. if you prefer spotify to amazon music, just open the alexa

mouse-killing usb ports on new computer?

a friend helped me build a new computer. it's the 1st one i've ever built. he's built more than 4 before. we also built it on a table off the carpet so static wouldn't get it.

how do you go about making a roof?

to make the roof, just remember that the block you add will attach to the face you click on. what i do is build a wall 4 blocks high around where i want the room. then i get back on the ground and look up at that top layer and click, the new blocks will be added out from the wall.

inside the airbus a380 factory

video. all video. most popular news how in a building as massive as the a380 itself, crews take the airplane's major parts and fasten them together. they also attach the engines and landing

build an automatic lawn sprinkler system on the cheap

video. all video. most popular news how kentucky, own a house and a lawn for the first time, i really need to learn proper lawn care. i know that regular watering is essential to having a

if you suspect your child is using drugs dr. phil

brandon is a recovering drug addict whose life was in danger, until his family brought him to dr. phil for an intervention. now that brandon is clean, he reveals how he kept his addiction a secret and offers tips on what to look for if parents suspect their child is using drugs.

make your own camera slider

music you've got yourself a video camera and you're thinking about making your own personal citizen kane. one thing you should add to your bag of tricks is a dolly shot or a slider shot.

how to set up a budget turntable

now this is actually pre installed at the factory usually you won't have to attach the cartridge to the head shelf cuz that's another video entirely. so today we're just gonna presume that most of

how the hell do i make a seamless two story house

then put another floor attached to the top part of the stairs. don't put the floor that specifically says its for the second floor or it'll have a weird dip and screw things up. just do the flat floor that is a single wooden piece. i can't stress enough that the one that has two layers is the wrong one and will leave you with a gap.