how to install a bamboo pergola roof in german

commandos 2: men of courage

inferno should then lob a grenade through the window of the house just next to the bamboo bridge to the east. the resulting explosion should be able to take out all the patrolmen inside. get tiny to enter the last small hut in this area next to the building with the sniper on the roof and take out the lone soldier inside. open the crate inside to find some first aid kit and a rope ladder

skyscraper design gets a new spin

production and installation, according to the firm, will require 90 on-site technicians and workers, as opposed to a traditional 2,000--ambitious, indeed. the modular-building aspect of the

l.a. noire

straight ahead on this roof is the woman's wedding ring which has been hung up and waiting for you. -jesus christ this killer's got a lot of time on his hands. move forward towards the next roof and pop on up there. to the left is the paint brush and bucket used to lead you all the way up here. -finally, in the corner of the building ahead is the purse of the victim. further inspect it and

super mario world

smithy first arrived in mario's world by crashing through the roof of bowser's keep in his giant sword-shaped vehicle, exor, during the middle of mario and bowser's umpteenth fight. consequently, the three figures central to the brawl - bowser, mario, and peach - went flying in three different directions. peach happened to land on the balcony of booster tower. a stranger to the interactions of

sleeping dogs

- take tong's car from north-west central to start the mission - drive to lee's compound near the aberdeen pier building in west aberdeen - enter on foot through the gate and take out the enemies by the truck if you still have tong's machete that will serve you well also there's an opportunity to take a cleaver off an enemy here - climb from the dumpster onto the flat roof there's a lockbox

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battlefield 2

a busy spot to snipe down from is on top of the roof at the point above the initial mec barrier spot. while you'll most likely get shelled out, the spot will have lots of usa forces trying to sneak up on it, and you'll get a 360 degree view as well. / wake island 2007 \ > conflict: usa vs. china > rating: **** > description: 'chinese forces have occupied a key island with a