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landscape edging is used to define the borders of landscaped and natural areas of lawn. log roll lawn edging is functional and decorative, adding a rustic aesthetic to garden spaces. manufactured

log roll as a border edging

we are putting in a garden path and seating area, basically slate chippings with strategically placed paving stones. we want to use the log roll as edging to hold the slate in place. what is the best way to anchor this, bearing in mind i will be digging on the 'border side' to improve the soil, and put in plants? i don't want the edging falling

landscape edging installation: helpful tips for metal and

there are four basic types of landscape edging installation from which you can select: digging a trench; hammering the edging material directly into the ground; stake-installed edging; simply laying materials on the ground around the border of your garden bed or other landscape elements; there are also numerous landscape edging material options to consider.

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install grass barrier in the trench. take care to ensure the material is vertical when installing to avoid a wavy edge when finished. setting grass barrier in the sun prior to installing will loosen the roll memory. if cutting is required it can be cut with a sharp utility knife. step 3: back-fill the trench and pack soil tightly to hold in place.

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roll top lawn edging is what the professionals install. it is easy to install, it is safer than standard steel lawn edging because there no sharp edges. and it provides a clean professional looking finish to your landscape project.

installing log rolls

now position the roll where you want it and gently tap the log by your stake to get just into the soil at the bottom of the trench. now attach it to the stake with one nail or screw if using metal stakes nail from the back, through the holes in the stake into the log roll; if using wooden stakes drill the stake and screw into the log roll .

installing landscape edging: mistakes to avoid

if you are installing an edge that requires digging a trench, follow these simple weed prevention steps: mix a thin layer of weed prevention chemical into the trench soil; line the trench with landscaping plastic ; pour ½ inch sand onto the plastic; this is a comprehensive way to fortify your edging.