plastic pergola kiosk ideas

deus ex

the deus ex walkthrough and companion guide version 1.1 djibriel, april 2014 'paranoia means having all the facts.' - william s. burroughs contents 1.0 version history 2.0 introduction 3.0 walkthrough and notes 4.0 skills and relevant items 5.0 augmentations 6.0 links 7.0 thanks 'nd credits

hummingbird nectar-sugar and water or store bought?

read page 10 of the hummingbird nectar-sugar and water or store bought? discussion from the chowhound not about food, pet food food community. join the discussion today.

'shine up the arches': mcdonald's and the quest to go digital

tech industry 'shine up the arches': mcdonald's and the quest to go digital. the world's largest restaurant chain is in turnaround mode. it's looking to the tech industry -- and role models like

is apple's hardware quality declining?

the topic i want to suggest is about apple products. is it just me? or is their quality declining, or at least, noticeably lower than their competitors?

how to use up your unwanted gift cards

10 ideas for gift cards you won't use sell/trade it the marketplace always has an answer. is one of many sites allows you to sell your unwanted gift card for cash or trade

computer locks

i'm certain i'm not the first person to run into this problem, although i might be the first one who couldn't find a resolution. any of you experts out there h

zucchini flowers in la?

plummers park farmer's market, west hollywood, monday mornings, vendor who sells heirloom tomatos, baby squash and baby carrots, turnips and arugula, toward the extreme west end of the market, almost always has the flowers, even now in winter his farm is from near san diego .

harry potter and the technomage

as xander lay back on the seat he glanced around the carriage, it was old, not really old just out of place with the modern day technology he was used to in good old sunnyhell, but then again, he

can e-tailer zappos demolish the brick-and-mortar model

the walls are covered with whiteboard scribblings and ideas scattered across sheets of tacked-up paper. multicolored plastic balls are grouped together in the corners and along the windows of each

the sims 2 cheats, codes, and secrets for pc

you must put the video you want into my documents\ea games\the sims 2\movies\broadcast the tv sender you want . if you then turn on the tv in the game you can watch it the video must be .avi-clips and the clips shouldn't be larger then 128x128 pixel also it shouldn't have more then 15 frames per second.

car tech live 215: cnet drives the hyundai equus

stranded on the road? there's an app for that. google will tell future ford cars how to drive. will you buy your next car at best buy? and we drive the hyundai equus, well actually, we get driven

penzeys spices???

yes. in fact, i had sent my daughter, who spends a lot of time in nyc for work, to cgt with a 'shopping list' that included 4 ounces of a few items, not realizing that that particular penzy's outpost was unlike most of their others, and that 1-ounce bags were available,.

acer aspire switch 10: 10-inch windows 8 tablet with

the most high-profile of acer's 2014 back-to-school systems is the aspire switch 10. this 10-inch hybrid borrows a lot of familiar ideas from existing hybrids, but adds a couple of unique touches

10 places to recycle your cell phone

ecoatm is an automated kiosk that collects your unwanted cell phones and tablets and gives you cash for them. it's made by the same people that make coinstar, so you'll find them by the checkout

is five guys really the best fast-food chain?

my favorite industrys-eye-view publication, nations restaurant news, ran the results of a favorite quick-service chain poll conducted by a consumer trends research firm called market force information.