roof balconies in wood


go out onto the balcony and climb up to the next balcony. inside this room, there is a bone charm on top of a cabinet. inside is a coin of 10 and three coins, adding up to 13 coin. 2161 go back to the street, and look up. way up at the fourth floor level, you will find a corpse on a rooftop. he has a pouch of 20 coin on him. 2281 head back down to the first room with the corpses and the locker


going up the wood and up the rope ahead will end the mission, after you pickpocket erin. if you are feeling daring the game autosaves just as you reach the top of the wall go ahead and go after the loot in the courtyard.


climb up on top and interact with the wall above the cart you'll be able to pull down a weak section of wood. this will create an opening we can move through. continue inside. wade through the dead pigs on the floor here and as you reach the centre of the room you should see a rope suspended from the roof above. jump up to the rope and climb it to the top. swing and jump to reach the

batman: arkham knight

this trophy is on a balcony area with a large chain linked wire roof and an electrified floor below. sitting on the roof, use your voice synthesizer on the riddler robot and have him move close to the sentry turret below.


craziest hotel rooms in the world. 18 / 26. back next. back. next. back. next . hotel kakslauttanen igloo village. the world is full of wonders, but did you know it's also full of crazy hotel

hitman: contracts walkthrough

exit out onto the balcony and jump to the far balcony. turn left and go to the corner and jump to balcony again. exit this room and turn right. spot the power switch on the back wall. use it to

the elder scrolls v: skyrim

doors - 2 iron fittings, 2 logs,2 locks,4 nails and 4 hinges foundation - 2 logs and 8 quarried stone floor - 4 quarried stone main supports - 10 logs and 10 nails first floor walls - 1 log and 3 clay secound floor supports - 4 logs and 12 nails secound floor walls - 2 logs and 6 clay roof balcony - 1 log and 4 quarried stone roof canopy - 1 log and 6 nails -- or -- greenhouse the

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when balconies and decks collapse without warning, it's terrifying. the disaster in berkeley, california, earlier this week left six people dead. it's happened before. in 2003, 12 people were


on the roof of the carpenter's house is the first vault in the area. 2. cross the castle bridge and jump up into the large circular room and find this vault there. running against the bull - 2 vaults 8.9 1. in the sewers, follow the sidepath and you will find this vault running through it. 2. at the end of the alley past the second artist, use the vine painting to reach a