small platform deck on a slope

challenge tombs

cut the rope attached to the coil to release the platform, then head back up the slope to the corner and jump to the platform. jump from this platform to another to the southeast by swinging on the grappling frame above and then scramble up the far wall.

sloped semi-solids and slope limit

actually, no. if that semi-solid platform is sloped, the small lines on it will be diagonal. marionose84 posted or it indicates something else: semi-solids conforming to ground tiles.

surface minecraft pro

surface level 4th facilitates the measurement of the slope of whatever surface you want to check. this professional tool distinguishes itself from

rise of the tomb raider

hop across to the platform on the left and hug the left hand wall to find a small desk holding a document 21/26 - greek . behind the mine cart by the exit is an explorer's satchel . note: if you have collected all of the relevant documents, murals and relics listed thus far, lara will now reach level 5 proficiency in the greek .

file finder

this is at the very apex of lexcorp, the small platform at the top. hawkgirl: lady justice: lady justice is a statue under the south metropolis cable car station, and below lexcorp. the case is in inside, though, which is not an intuitive path. go to stryker's and follow the road into the tunnel. almost as soon as you get inside the tunnel, take a left to find some stairs leading down


hide under the small platform overhead and stay in its shadow to avoid the searchlight. in the middle of this platform is a wheel mechanism that we can use to move the overhead platform from left to right in a large clockwise arch obviously we'll need to have a few goes at positioning this by avoiding the searchlight, running to and turn the mechanism a few times before moving back beneath


'if i could turn back time' is a song written by diane warren and was released on june 1 1989 as the second north american and first european single release from american singer/actress cher's 20th album heart of stone.

disney's the jungle book

do a running jump left off of this slope it's hard onto a platform with grapes and a tree stump. get the jewel on the stump. one more. go left, staying on this platform. follow it left down the slope. jump off it to the left onto another slope the end is a falling branch, so y'all better look out, ya hear? . left past the falling branch is the last jewel. get it to beat the level. 003h