static caravan wall panels

might and magic: swords of xeen

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clashes at the border

migrants, part of a caravan of thousands traveling from central america en route to the united states, take part in a protest march towards the border wall between the u.s. and mexico, in tijuana

metro redux

the tape recorder only plays static. there's an supply box by the fuel cans on the left with a filter and ammo. you can find a rpk with a ir scope by the fuse box. note --<note 25>-- is on the floor by the desk. stash drop down through the hole in the floor. look on the ground by the two couches leaning against the wall for a stash. in the supply case you can pick up a filter, a gas mask

mega man battle network 4: blue moon

in this caravan net, go down to the left, and before you head through the warp hole, talk to the program for the park's area p-code, and then head through the warp hole to be in park area1. park area ----- in here, unlock the cube with your newly-gotten p-code, then head down the linear path, and down the ramp. from here, make your way to park area2 once again, and head into the warp at the

shining force ii

here' a quick rundown: shining force i shorter 30 battles dumb ai max-session and refusing to move guards insane promotion level ups 10 stats on a level is silly musashi dude is strong skips and snipes we only kill all about 66% of the time boost static 15 damage is sick early clumping and aoe see dumb ai and magical mages magical mages more mages, less enemy life, levels carry

icewind dale ii

head back into the palisade and tell olap; note that the palisade wall is now fixed. that was really fast - apparently this olap fellow really is a decent engineer. finally, return to shawford crale for some experience and your next assignment. ***reward*** for fixing the crane exp 600 <-----> 8 exit the barracks and head west to find isherwood at x=650, y=2100 . he requests 300 arrows

avernum 4

one screen north and west of there will be the merchant caravan, where you can sell and buy various goods. south of that is the portal to the surface, but it's not operational. talk to portmaster pirro to be given a quest to find the mages that were supposed to fix it. on the same screen as the caravan is a lost prospector, who will direct you to the southwest. the sulfurous flats has a lot of

star ocean: the last hope

the door will close and you will have to use the thunder ring on the control panel nex to the door to open it. before going through the door, charge the thunder ring at the control panel - you may have to reposition edge a few times before you can examine it. go through the door and walk down the hallway. take the second west path you come to and enter the small room with two chests; open the

avernum 4

explore the wall to the south and grab the wand from the trash pit. there's an ooze crawler to the nw which drops a ruby, and is guarding a dead body. the worm queen is to the north, and is the main boss of the area. it doesn't attack you directly, but breeds more worms. kill it fast to prevent it form swarming you. slime tunnels s2 more worms for you to kill here. stay back to keep from

geneforge 4: rebellion

outside of the main wall you'll find a polished shield to the nw, which is a good shield for characters with creations. commander ellsworth is to the se and gives you a quest to get info from vecsey who is a spy at the rebel camp. you can also betray archibald if you want, but be sure to have purchased everything from him first. he will also let you use his warriors to fight monarch and his

parasite eve ii

check the panel on the east wall and remove the jumper plug . put it in the second hole from above and move the switch to open the gate outside. get out and enter the cavern. ----- boss 6 ----- blizzard chaser this big papa horse is pretty quick and resistant, but i think his minions can give you much more problems at times. the blizzard chaser will attack just like regular chasers, but with

neverwinter nights

----- >>> conversation panel <<< the conversation panel is your primary tool for interacting with other characters in neverwinter nights. a portrait of the character you are speaking with is displayed in the top-left of the window, and this character's dialogue is displayed to the right of the portrait. underneath the portrait are your character's response options. the first response shown has