treated outdoor handrail for steps

tom clancy's rainbow six 3: raven shield

i sneaked off into the parking lot via the back stairs of the garage, and i carefully took pot shots at the terrorists around, and all of them were taken out in one hit besides the one hiding behind the trees on the balcony and the one on the path between the hangar and terminal building. the terrorists in the airport terminal were met with rather similar fate, and as it is more accurate with

rebuilding a small exterior deck and stairs

watch ask this old house - season 5, episode 6 - rebuilding a small exterior deck and stairs: tom silva helps a homeowner with a large carpentry project by rebuilding a small exterior deck. they

jedi knight: jedi academy walkthrough

head up the stairs and flip the switch, then find the now-activated lift in the same room and go up. from there, the path leads to the commanders office, where you can disable the locks via the

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star wars: knights of the old republic walkthrough

step through the door, kill the energy-shielded vulkars, and proceed to the vulkar base. black vulkar base objectives: find the swoop bike accelerator as you might have anticipated, this place is


it's got a mega ammo pack on it, and it counts as a secret area. you can just quick-jump up through the railings, rather than having to do some complicated jump off the stairs. get the health and ammo behind it and move on. v1.5 contribution sazaban <sazaban> 'in your faq on painkiller in the opera house level at checkpoint 1l you describe one of the secret areas as

serious sam: the second encounter

go up the ramp to an outdoor area. 6.b. first winged-horse yard 6.b.a. when you step out into the yard, netrisca will inform you that you need to visit two temples here to proceed. walk towards the gate on the opposite side of the yard and analyze it to confirm. then turn around and walk right. 6.b.b. visit the temple to collect a hawk-wing artifact. there are two secrets near that temple: 1

halo 5: guardians

follow this around and up some stairs, here you should be able to spot a unsc data pad mission intel 05/06 on a walkway behind the railing. after nabbing it, jump up the large green crate next door and then up to the platform above this is where you would end up if you took l7' exit .

resident evil 4 walkthrough

walking up the stairs will trigger the appearance of a pair of cultists from where you entered the zone; they'll make a beeline for ashley and start dragging her back to the entrance, but you

prince of persia: the two thrones walkthrough

the third and concluding chapter in the prince of persia trilogy is finally here, and gamespot's got a complete walkthrough for the game, including video for all the boss fights.