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--hp heart points : starts at 20, increases by 10 every time picked. naturally maxes out at 220. with all 16 hp-up hearts, the max could potentially be 300. naturally maxes out at 220. with all 16 hp-up hearts, the max could potentially be 300.

dragon quest v: tenkuu no hanayome

talk to all the sailors on the deck before going down the stairs below deck. after talking to the sailors down here all the barrels are empty and the chests are locked , head back upstairs and enter the captain's cabin. when you finish talking to everyone, leave the cabin the ship will arrive at vista. the captain will tell you to go get papas. your father mentions something about you being

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acorn tv the hit uk miniseries makes its american debut on the streaming service. martin clunes stars as a london detective in pursuit of a serial killer in this based-on-a-true-story thriller.

the witcher 3: wild hunt

open your gwent deck, remove your weakest standard card from your nr deck and replace it with the card mysterious elf. make sure mq: brothers in arms - skellige is selected, then warp to bridge to kaer trolde sp, make sure the qo 'talk to cerys' is selected and then report to the qm.

luigi's mansion: dark moon

head west and vacuum the snow up as you make your way along the deck. use your strobulb to turn the bbq on, yielding a golden bar. now let's go inside. use your strobulb to turn the bbq on, yielding a golden bar.

beyond the beyond

ramue has tens of thousands of hp and unless you level up all your characters outrageously, you wont be able to defeat her. the total prize for defeating ramue and the two ork lords is 1024 experience and 400 gold. individually, ramue herself will give you 900 exp. and 300 gold, while the ork lords will give you 62 exp. and 50 gold each.*** once the puzzle is solved, the pastor will appear

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the team forges history as the first to pack a '79 scout ii with a 707 hp hellcrate engine. richard's vision is to build a one of a kind monkeyed-up 'scout to hell' for a big payday.

secret of evermore

here is a list of items: petal - restores 40 hp 50 with moxa stick nectar - restores 120 hp 150 with moxa stick honey - restores 300 hp 375 with moxa stick essence - also sometimes called herbal essence, cures poison, confound and plague; the effect is the same as the cure formula. pixie dust - revives you once to 76 hp after you die; the effect is the same as horace's regenerate magic


so a creature with 40 base hp with a health level of 3 would have a total of 46hp. speed affects how fast you generally run. sprint is a skill that dramatically increases your speed for a short time. upgrading both of these increase speed. jump and glide work together to see how far you can fly. upgrading jump lets you go higher, while upgrading glide lets you fly longer. finally, leveling up

the legend of zelda: link's awakening dx

the tunics' changes are like the game's power-ups - the red tunic is like a permanent piece of power, and the blue tunic is like a permanent guardian acorn. whenever you want to change tunics, go back to the faerie and she'll give you another choice. congrats you beat the color dungeon /\=====/\ / \ i t e m s / \ /\ /\ ----- /\ /\ / \/ \=====/ \/ \ in this game, there are many kinds of

kingdom hearts: the story so far

the green gauge displays your current hit points hp . should the green gauge be depleted, you will be taken to the continue scren where you can either select to return to an area just before the battle, or return to the last save point. each time you defeat an enemy, you can claim several rewards. you will find experience from each enemy you defeat, including hp balls / mp balls used to

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acorn tv new acorn original crime drama about a revenge-seeking con woman cecilie stenspil is set in both copenhagen, denmark and queenstown, new zealand. teen mom

.hack//g.u. vol. 2//reminisce

the tutorial walks you through the basics of building a deck, testing that deck, and registering it online. once you have done all this, simply continue playing .hack as normal. every minute that the game is on, your deck will be paired up against another deck and the two will battle. there is no way to stop crimson vs from running even if the game is paused card battles will still happen