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holidays are best spent with the people you love. if you're lucky, you may be celebrating at home or somewhere in town, but many of us hop in our cars and hit the road to visit family and friends in o

dai-3-ji super robot taisen z jigoku-hen faq/walkthrough

super robot wars 3 jigoku-hen walkthrough by mark neidengard, mneideng at ugcs dot caltech dot edu version 1.0, updated 1/6/15 translator's notes: this document, like my previous walkthroughs, is intended as 'one-and-a-half' steps-removed from a full translation.

zero escape: the nonary games

zero: i wish you all the best of luck. the speaker went silent, and did not speak again. silver yelled at the speaker with coarse enough to embarrass a sailor, but the rest of junpei's companions were silent, deep in thought. junpei, too, was consumed by his thoughts. there was a great deal he didn't understand. who was zero ? what was the nonary game? why had he chosen to make them

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an outdoor rated lamp that can stand the weather, and the test of time. the hatteras outdoor lamp family is a must have outdoor li wood stain and clear finish . wood grain bottom with transparent glass top design. requires one 100 watt incandescent bulb not included . on and off read more. see at hayneedle. connexity. dimond lighting dimond lighting camarillo outdoor table lamp

battlefield hardline

it's best to do this before interacting with the briefcase on the bed. o complete episode 7 to earn trophy 09 .-----. episode 8: sovereign land ep8 '-----' o bomb blueprint evidence after escaping from confinement you'll have a view over the walled trailer park. you can grab this evidence before infiltrating the compound. head down the dirt slope and to the right, keeping a safe

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top 10 deck stain ratings. based on a search of professional contractor, home improvement, woodworking and do-it-yourself forums and websites such as,, sawmill based on a search of professional contractor, home improvement, woodworking and do-it-yourself forums and websites such as,, sawmill

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best wood stain reviews consumer reports. enhance the beauty of decks, cabinets, and furniture with the best wood stain. a quality oil- or water-based wood stain adds a seven trust finish that lasts for years.

super mario 64

after that, the transparent green blocks in the levels will become opaque. hit the block and the metal cap will fall out, allowing you to put it on. mario will become a metal man, which means he can go in dangerous areas like lava without being hurt. if you walk into an enemy as metal mario, the enemy will simply die instantly. when you jump into the water when you're metal, mario will slowly

star wars jedi knight ii: jedi outcast

it's best to switch to the bryar fully-charged secondary fire, to give the best chance of a one-shot kill to take him out, moving immediately into the corner to the left and reselecting the e11. next, back cautiously still in crouch down the wall to the left until a narrow slice of the room beyond can be seen due to the angle of view through the doorway . the gap should be wide enough to

mirror mirror updated 11/20/13

fablestucked away in a world within a world lay a mystical realm, a firmament of untapped magical empyrean occupied with some of the universes most

the sims 2

aspiration points 5,000 icon two green smiley faces with the number 2 ***** *have 3 best friends* ***** description 'you can never have too many best friends. free up enough of your sim's time to build three sims' lifetime relationships to above 50, and then work to keep them there.' aspiration points 8,000 icon two green smiley faces with the number 3 ***** *have 5 best friends

metal gear solid 2: sons of liberty hd edition

contact me: toiletrabbit at hotmail dot com metal gear solid 2 is rated 'm' for mature. after all, this game contains a copious amount of violence, blood, visual tutorials on how to snap someone's neck, wooly armpits and so on and so forth. screw it. who am i kidding? no one listens to me nowadays. * this metal gear solid 2 faq/walkthrough is intended for the us release. if you own either the