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kimball goes on to become an honest politician and vietnam war hero until being elected the president. in 1993, a year into his term, he is pushing for pro-environmentalist legislation that is

kerry takes command

the video also included the first reference from the convention podium to kerry's emergence as a prominent anti-war activist more than three decades ago after he returned home from vietnam.

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full metal jacket - vietnam sound effects i have just one problem with them in nam 1975. i have just one problem with them in nam 1975. the problem is that the yelp made by the enemy soldiers when theyre shot is a girls yelp.

thousands protest iraq war policy

in los angeles, vietnam veteran ed ellis, 59, hoped the demonstrations would be the 'tipping point' against a war that has killed more than 3,200 u.s. troops and engulfed iraq in a deadly cycle of

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conflict: vietnam follows the progress of four us soldiers, ragman, junior, hoss and cherry, cut off from their unit during the 1968 tet offensive and tasked with fighting their way back to friendly lines.

former sen. eugene mccarthy dies

eugene mccarthy challenged president lyndon b. johnson for the 1968 democratic nomination during growing debate over the vietnam war. the challenge led to johnson's withdrawal from the race.

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at the height of the 1991 gulf war, 300 clicks into the heart of iraq, you must command your squad of special forces operatives to strike at iraq's evil dictator, and his fascist regime. armed with an authentic arsenal of high-tech weapons and vehicles, your squad will face impossible odds in this

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in the drug war, there are no rules and as the cartels have begun trafficking terrorists across the us border, federal agent matt graver josh brolin calls on the mysterious alejandro benicio del toro , whose family was murdered by a cartel kingpin, to escalate the war in nefarious ways.

no cease-fire in this vietnam war

swift boat veterans for truth, a group funded in part by a top gop donor in texas, has been running ads featuring veterans who served in vietnam at the same time as kerry and question his wartime

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during the vietnam war, an unassuming man named daniel ellsberg made a judgment call that would ignite a political controversy. he leaked top secret documents known as 'the pentagon papers' in hopes of exposing the american public to the truth about the war.

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a floor might always consist of 4 rooms arranged in a diamond shape, but each of those rooms will always be slightly different. so entering certain areas you know that an exit is always to the bottom of the screen, its just a matter of traversing the rooms to get there - an action that is easier said than done.

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go to war in new dramatic battle scenarios including leading a squadron of huey helicopters in an all-out attack on an enemy compound, executing an ambush of enemy soldiers from dense foliage, captaining a pt boat through a dangerous jungle river passage, and more. grab your m-16, ready the napalm and prepare to enter some of the fiercest battles of the vietnam war. electronic arts

deck hand saved lives as fishing boat sank; captain's role

in vietnam, huynh worked on fishing boats for 10 years, usually earning about $140 to $180 per month. on american-flagged ships in hawaii, he can make three times that -- $500 a month -- much of

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sand is a fine, granular material composed mainly of rock and mineral, primarily silica. sand is the primary environment of many games with settings that include deserts, beaches, and the ocean floor, among many others.

california state sen. janet nguyen removed from chamber

--a california lawmaker was removed from the state senate floor after refusing to stop delivering a speech criticizing late state sen. tom hayden for his leadership role in the anti-vietnam war

dick dale

citing the vietnam war, he declined a pulitzer in 1971 for 'the carrier of ladders,' saying that he was 'too conscious of being an american to accept public congratulation with good grace, or to

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the arvn was the military branch of the republic of vietnam, which controlled the southern half of vietnam from 1954, after the defeat of france in the indochina war, to 1975, when it surrendered

critic reviews for apocalypse now redux

the expanded 'redux' is even more resonant - partly because of its added material, and partly because the passage of time has increased the film's value as a key cultural document of the vietnam war era and its aftermath. it's a movie not to be missed.

bush: kerry truthful on war record

president bush said he did not believe john kerry was lying about his vietnam war record but he declined to criticize the swift boat group that claims kerry is lying.

draft deferment 1969 yes, this is bound to be

but it is part of the research for my book. i am quoting wikipedia on the draft during the viet nam war, and the president who offered the amnesty for anti-war and anti-draft activity.