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survivor season 26 episode 1

as they exit the boat and wade through the water towards the beach, shamar is especially disappointed that gota lost the challenge. he admits, 'it made me realize that i don't have full control over this game, and i just have to do my best to inspire my teammates to do a better job next time.' the gota tribe is pleased to find a bag of rice, machete, and pot waiting for them at their campsite

coverting old kodachrome slides to digital

i have several hundred old kodachrome slides i wish to convert to digital files for both current use and handing down memories to the next generation.

self-driving boats: the final frontier?

boston self-driving cars may not hit the road in earnest for many years - but autonomous boats could be just around the pier. spurred in part by the car industry's race to build driverless

horizon zero dawn

status effects are a key component in horizon: zero dawn's combat system, allowing aloy to utilize their advantages against even the most dangerous machine. unlike direct damage, status effects are inflicted by causing build-up of each effect by firing multiple elemental bombs/arrows until you meet the elemental thresholds , at which point the effect will take hold.

boat object

boats are able to float because the weight of the boat is roughly equal to the amount of water that it displaces when it rests on top of the water. this concept is known as buoyancy . even if the materials that are used in the vessel's construction are heavier than the water the vessel will still float.


corte 7: unlimited cut optimization program for any kind of shape. corte gives a highly optimized computer solution to the problem of minimizing waste material when cutting rectangular sheets and

north korean men wash ashore in japan, say they're

in 2015, a wooden boat drifted ashore in another coastal town in akita and skeletal remains of two men were found - one inside the vessel and another one nearby. three north korean boats with 10

artistry on the water: wooden motorboats

a vintage chris-craft boat got star treatment in the 1981 film, 'on golden pond.' suddenly, there was a renewed interest in getting these ­beautiful 'old tubs' back out on the water.

coverting old kodachrome slides to digital

coverting old kodachrome slides to digital by jannetie january 16, 2005 12:59 am pst my opinion only, but it's well worth the $$ to buy a moderately priced film scanner.