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gothic/steampunk pyp 3.0 round 2: bella blackstar vs

darquesse's shields are quite powerful, one of their best showings is the moment where she is able to stop the god-killer sword. one of the most powerful magical artifacts in the sd universe, able

baldur's gate: the original saga

the best part is, both stinking cloud and summon skeleton are very low level spells and so are available very early in the game, when you most need such advantages. save a lot: ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ there are 3 times when you should definately save the game. when you win a battle, before you go to sleep, and everywhere else. you never know when you will go to a new area, have your best

cav: sorin markov joewell911 vs kratos hypnos0929

vsrulesboth are in character and determined to win.both sides get basic knowledge, no prep.both sides are fully composite and can use all by

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no one class makes the best blackguard - all that is required is a willingness to serve the forces of darkness. - hit die: d10 - proficiencies: all simple and martial weapons, all types of armor and shields - skill poists: 2 int modifier ----- requirements: to qualify as a blackguard, a character must fulfill all of the following criteria: - alignment: any evil - feat: cleave - skills: hide

cav pick a team: sirfizzwhizz vs deathhero voting open

best part is burning godzilla was able to destroy the planet first before godzilla was fully destroyed. hesiei withe a tax healing factor and melting outlast the earth till reaching the core.

icewind dale

bishop white bishop this chess piece is a white bishop, crafted from soapstone. it is one of the many lost pieces from the fabled chess sets of niri alud. niri alud was a conjurer from tethyr who loved playing chess. he frequently traveled with chess sets on his numerous voyages. he wanted the ability to summon allies at a moment's notice without giving away his intention. for that reason, he

cav: elminster floopay vs. eragon the red viper

a shade is a sorcerer possessed by evil spirits, which make him evil but also extremely powerful. he was slain by eragon, who is the 3rd person to ever slay a shade and live to tell the tale.

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the sky began to bleed a deathly shade of black and red as terrible power flowed through it, drowning out the morning. windows exploded inwards as waves of overpressure slammed into them like a

gothic ii: gold edition

the best one-handed weapon for instance, require only 40 strength. - paladins will get the best armor in the game and can achieve as high 130 ac vs. weapons and arrows. - training mana is expensive for paladins as the training cost is double that of mages. each point of mana costs 2 lp to train. - paladins only have a limited array of magic combat and healing , but in turn these can mostly

baldur's gate: the original saga

guide information <-----> this faq was made in notepad, and is best viewed in a simple text editor. the default text is lucida console at size 10 font, but any fixed-width font will work if not with the intended aesthetics intact. note that this is an incredibly large faq, and depending on your computer, internet speed, and the restlessness of computer gremlins, you may have to refresh this

baldur's gate: tales of the sword coast

the best you can do is make a poor man's jaheira out of her by allowing her to become proficient in small swords, or have her get large swords and use a scimitar. it really doesn't matter. recruiting faldorn: ----- you can find faldorn in the third cloakwood forest area ar1600 by some stone henges and an obelisk x=650, y=2280 . she wants to cleanse the forest of its iron throne infestation