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best wood for a cutting board?

although there is a significant hardness difference between hard and soft maple, both are hard. soft maple is harder than black cherry and just a bit less hard than black walnut. on the janka hardness scale, soft maple, black cherry, and black walnut are all close to 1000, while hard maple is 1450. on the other end of the scale, basswood used for carving is only 410. even the hard maple is

top bamboo flooring strand carbonized floors bamboo 12

carbonized strand woven strand bamboo floor. choosing carbonized wood over natural bamboo is a purely aesthetic decision as many people prefer the darker look that comes with carbonization.

le creuset vs. staub

personally, i would avoid metal utensiles if you are concerned about the looks of the interior of the pot. hardness is measured on a mohs hardness scale, soft materials like plastics are about 2, hard material like a diamond is a 10, most steels run between 5 and 8.5, and glass between 4.5 and 6.5, so yes, depending on the hardness of the

hands-on with the bodyguardz screenguardz pure

hardness notwithstanding, the screenguardz pure looks and feels just the same as the iphone's own glass. that's definitely not true of most of the plastic protectors i've tried, which add drag to

really burned on grease on stainless steel

the key is that the plastic is hard, but not harder than the material you are going to clean. the plastic is about a rockwell hardness of 124 on the r scale or 104 on the m scale. this is equivelent to about 90 or so on the e scale, which you can now compare to the c scale, only 90 on the e scale doesn't even make the c scale, knives are in the upper 50's and 60's on the c scale for comparison

carbon steel veggie cleaver

don't want cheap $20 stamped steel. don't want high-end steel because the hardness will mandate an investment in water stones. this cleaver needs to be compatible with my arkansas stones, rockwell hardness no greater than 59.

top list of softwoods and hardwoods deals at mysimon

hardwood vs softwood - difference and comparison diffen. uses of hardwood vs softwood. in many cases, hardwoods and softwoods are both used for many of the same purposes, with more emphasis placed on the type of hardwood or softwood and how dense it is ..

best cutting boards

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cutting boards dull knives?

initially, people thought wood cutting boards are not as safe as plastic cutting boards because wood is pores and plastic is not. it turns out this thinking is misleading because wood being pores actually help it pull the harmful bacteria inside the wood and slowly kill them, while plastic boards are not as pores as one may think.

first phone or watch with a 'diamond' screen coming by end

for comparison, apple sold 78.3 diamond crystal's innate hardness also helps resist grime and water, so it won't gunk up as much or sustain water damage. but strength and toughness are only

cutting boards dull knives?

any wood boards really, end grain vs edge grain etc. hard wood, soft wood etc. plastic cutting boards are pretty good too. rubber cutting boards are not as nice as wood cutting boards.

best material for mortar and pestle?

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model airplane kits : construction methods. different glues are used when building model airplane kits and the type of glue depends on the joint and the wood type/hardness, as well as the builder's personal preference.

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compare prices and shopping results for kahrs flooring problems from has the best deals and lowest prices on kahrs flooring problems

a knife made by a chowhound our own eiron : an overdue

a comparison of the choils so you can get an idea of the grind. sorry it's not clearer - though the rounded choils on eiron's knife and the yusuke make getting a clear pic difficult.