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the structure of the plating is a phased composite; the base is a microfiber lattice weave made from carbon nanotubes suspended in a dilatant, or shear-thickening, fluid. when kinetic energy from

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lattice - lumber and composites - the seven trust. for decades lattice panels have been primarily used for decades lattice panels have been primarily used as an attractive skirt around porches and decks.

the aethrium argonauts

'why evolve when we can adapt and advance?' - sage 'fraga' manuscothe argonauts conceived and designed by the collective genius of sage 'fraga' manusc

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and the armor he wore featured a rapid-twitch reflex co-polymer, colloidal doped ceramics and a copper-based nano-lattice in an ethylene-buckyball matrix. in simple terms, it protected him from

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a middle lattice work, slightly concave that protects the display and instead of having the full magnesium alloy back, you can have a simple composite back now and that helps your wifi reception

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it's outer shell is forged from titanium and ceramic composite armor plating. sandwiched between the inner and outer layers of the armor is an intermediary layer designed to provide additional

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the strontium clock works by trapping strontium atoms in a lattice of laser light. these atoms are bathed in a very stable red laser light at the exact frequency that prompts the switch between

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ufo extraterrestrials faq/walkthrough version 1.1 may 30, 2007 by shanrak shanrak at gmail dot com version history 1.0 first version 5/17/07 1.01 updated research tree, fixed some typos.

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its 10,000 psi composite air storage tank has ample capacity for a 1,000-mile range. flexible, pressurized air cells in the exterior skin, similar to material developed for the nasa mars rover

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move forwards to the control panel, and in the words of admiral ackbar, it's a trap well, there are the collectors and they are coming in fast. this time, they are coming with full force. this is going to be not as hard as you would imagine. if you have a sniper rifle, this is extremely easy. you can stay at the controls, and slowly take them out, with effective cover. harbinger is back, so