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energized by senate votes, pro-gun groups pledge

energized by senate votes, pro-gun groups pledge 'extensive war' on gun control. by lucy madison may 3, 2013 / 5:51 am / cbs news

10 homes that belong in 'mad men'

everyone wants to live like don draper -- at least when it comes to the stunning aesthetic that surrounds him. as soon as the tv drama series 'mad men' first aired in 2007, people started paying a

warioware: twisted

the axem rangers are a clear parody of the mighty morphin' power rangers, whose various incarnations enjoyed mid-90s popularity throughout the united states and japan. the subsequent mario rpg, paper mario, featured the koopa bros., who parodied the teenage mutant ninja turtles in similar vein. editorial note: i was a little flattered when i was browsing through the wikipedia and found that a

jeopardy junior edition

a - the 40th president of the united states q - who is ronald reagen? a - this is a list of ingredients and directions for making a dish q - what is a recipe? a - a popular brand of sneakers q - what are reeboks? category: comedy teams a - steve guttenberg led his comedy team in a movie series about this law enforcement training school q - what is the police academy? a - he was oliver hardy's

are the people being raped by the oil companies?

that was a nice city cost of living is outrageous there, but that is a big city i could live in here in the united states. can't say the same for many others. can't say the same for many others.

the curse of monkey island

use the magnetized cork and pin with measuring cup. give the finished compass to the lost welshman. talk to him and ask him to take you to skull island. 5.5.25 skull island after a little skit, you will find yourself at the top of skull island. talk to the winch operator lafoot. ask him to lower you down into the smuggler's cave. he will mess up and you will fall. use the umbrella to slow your

deus ex

the script \ -----ยบ\ unatco training course unatco training facilities - continental united states contact: jaime reyes jaime reyes i figured you'd be sick of drills by now. hopefully our training exercises will be more interesting than what they've had you doing at the academy. open the door by clicking the right mouse button. the right button uses items in the world. the key on

man, it sure feels like friday

7 a hundred years ago, the average life expectancy in the united states was forty-seven. today, only one in two billion people will live to be 116 or older. 9 your statistical chance of

the sky breaks rp

the sky breaks rp the roman follow. was preparing for a collision with this single united states leviathan of a monster. ancient asgardian magics filled their dead frames and their terrible

jeopardy deluxe edition

01under the heaven 5-letter words\5-letter words last name of j.l., who arrived in chicago in 1903, rented a horse and wagon and began selling cheese 01kraft it can refer to beasts of burden, a bank check, a wind current, or military conscription 01draft the name of this black detective, played by r. roundtree, describes what he did to his enemies 01shaft this word is commonly associated with

whitey bulger: fotios 'freddy' geas former mafia hit man

jeffrey epstein is on suicide watch at a new york city jail after being found on the floor of his cell. the once powerful financial manager is awaiting trial on new sex trafficking charges. mola

ultimates team

origin the ultimates. nick fury was put in charge of creating a superhero team for the united states government. hank and janet pym were responsible for replicating the super soldier serum that

'vive la revolution' quinn response; open

the sirens sounded. this was war. now it was official. like mist the sound crept through the streets till even the most dumb witted inhabitant of the french capital had understood it.

my kitchen is so loud

i had seriously considered switching to cork, but the floor guy came out and said something like 'i just want you to know that putting cork on your floor is the same as wood, since cork is wood' i had told him i didn't want wood in my kitchen - had it once and with the cats slobbering out of their water bowls, me spilling things, it really

u.s. firms seeking trump's steel tariff waiver face

u.s. companies seeking to be exempted from president donald trump's tariff on imported steel are accusing american steel manufacturers of spreading inaccurate and misleading information, and they

the 'greening' of your home

this flooring is made from the bark of the cork oak tree, then stripped to make long slabs. after the wine corks are stamped out, the scraps are grounded and pressed back together to make flooring.

ces to spotlight digital evolution

'there's an evolution to all things digital,' miller said. 'it's digital everywhere in everything.' with the decline of the comdex trade show, ces is now essentially the only game in town for

harley quinn character

harley quinn earth-0 with the changes brought to the dc universe by the launch of the new 52 following the events of flashpoint, harley has undergone further evolution, with a new look, origin

bioshock and the elder scrolls iv: oblivion bundle

when he left, my servant saw his face beneath the cloak an alchemist of infamous repute, said to be a leading suppliers of exotic poisons. a fine observer, my servant also noticed that the alchemist entered the palace smelling of wickwheat, bittergreen, and something alien and sweet. when he left, he was odorless. he had come to the same conclusion as i did. the prince had procured