dark colors in composite decking that dont fade

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don't try--' with a demented howl, han hurled himself headfirst into the bounty hunter's midsection. this man was younger than shrike, stronger and faster. but han was fighting like a madman, with

final fantasy vii: advent children

don't be ashamed of any work that you have done and don't beat yourself up for things you feel like you could have done better. don't focus on the past. think about how you can make tomorrow better. if you take anything from any of this stuff to heart, take the one ideal of final fantasy that its creator sought to illustrate: life's about experiences, about making memories. the more you do and

baldur's gate ii: the collection

don't get me wrong, stalkers are neat, but to get the most out of them, you need to really hide in shadows and backstab a lot. if you don't want to do that, pass on valygar and use mazzy or someone else. ----- vii. gmplys gameplay strategies and tricks ----- increase the brightness setting: ----- the 'normal' brightness setting is so dark that at times you can't see things that should be

icewind dale: enhanced edition

i don't care if you don't like elves, or if you think it's retarded to play a fantasy game as human-use dalekeeper to change your avatar and pretend you're the chosen race. all these races can wear the wailing of virgins cloak, and elves and half-elves can use the argent shield. gnomes and halfings can wear the trusted defender helm-but blessed helm of lathander is a decent compromise, and

icewind dale

a good place for an example of this in action: the orc caves in the beginning--let your characters kill the two orcs in the beginning by themselves without moving from the entrance i.e. everyone's got a ranged attack, so they don't need to move ; if the first two characters have composite long bows, they will automatically pick off the third orc in the black area without the orc fighting back

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i'll put in a good word so people don't judge you of your dark magic.' the two of you then go inside and upstairs where he takes you to what seems like a dorm room. 'you can room with me. my

neverwinter nights gold

a good character can have a bad day and threaten to rough up a shopkeeper with little consequence don't make a habit of it and threaten all people you talk to or your alignment will shift to chaotic . if, however, that good character acts on the threat and kills the clerk then a significant shift toward evil will occur. good- aligned characters will take a bigger alignment hit from performing

the power of xion

i dont want the entire club to know, buffy smiled at her friend seeing the crestfallen look on her face. it went well willow. xanders new toy worked a treat. it went well willow

breath of fire

you really don't need any other armor or weapons than what you have now, however, but the item shop does have some good stuff. from here head all the way east to a small circular house. enter it and take the v.ptn from the chest in the back and use it on your hero to increase his vigor. now head up a couple smaller sets of stairs, then west to a large set of stairs up to the castle. in here

battlecruiser 3000 ad 2.0

don't jettison cargo whilst you have shuttles operating a cargosweep - they will just pick the cargo up again. when ready launch sc-3 or whatever shuttle you just loaded . order the shuttle to fly to starpath station friendly station in this region . give your battlecruiser orders to halt command menu--bc orders--orders--halt to stop them doing anything whilst you are away, and consider