floating deck over composite slabs

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the transformation of the back of the house nears completion as composite decking with a proprietary finish is put down. inside, meanwhile, painting is underway and the living room's fireplace

a tale of two turbochargers: the porsche 718 boxster

those are some impressive gains over the outgoing model. both the base and the s gain 35 horses, while the torque in the base increases by 73 pound-feet and the s gets an increase of 44.

airbus unveils new aircraft and a floating black box

a floating black box in the category of smaller and incredibly useful innovations, airbus also announced a new 'black box' flight recorder that can float on water.

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veshark's top ten superhero comic artists by veshark february 11, 2019 24 comments. it's currently 5am in the morning, i've been awake for nineteen hours, and i'm buzzed off a cup of warm french

neverwinter nights: shadows of undrentide walkthrough

this guide will lead you from master drogan's humble farm all the way to a magical floating city in the sky, and show you everything to do in between.

this old house

with the roof demolished, the crew begins to deck over the second floor. the addition is decked over, and our master carpenter and architect rick bechtel discuss plans for the new front entrance

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a small deck is built to connect the kitchen to the patio; new oak flooring that matches the home's existing flooring is installed. also: the tile options available for the kitchen backsplash

how to set up your new tv

hdmi cables carry high-resolution images and sound over one small cable. if you bought your tv at a store, perhaps you were pushed into buying expensive hdmi cables to go with your tv.

renovate with new floors

flooring doesn't have to be boring and basic. it can also be another way to bring art into your home, and you can be as creative with you floors as you are with your walls.

millennium academy cvu sub-location

the pink goo adhered him to the nearly vertical slab of stone and with each of his one movements slip had made three. that made things even worse for him because she was his weapon. even if she

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also: mahogany decking is installed at the bay head project; a concrete crusher makes quick work of an old slab at the point pleasant location; and a look at how the manasquan house was built in a