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dark souls ii

the hollow guards are easy to kill but can unleash a series of quick attacks which can stun you. take them out one at a time and keep your distance between attacks. you'll also find a small alcove here with a bonfire to light. navigating through the forest: ----- near the end of the creek you'll find an archer and a swordsman stationed close by one another. do not attack them together. either

dark souls

the most noteworthy one is the one where you drop down onto a plank from the plank next to the big door on top of a ladder. there will be some WPC and a seance ring that gives you another attunement slot. the other treasure in the area is a key and a soul item which are hard to miss. -=to the third bonfire dukthi =- there will be a crystal archer to the left and a crystal hollow to the right

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betty lili reinhart , meanwhile, is trying to save her mother alice madchen amick from joining a cult, but the farm looks like the source of a lot of darkness for our core four. the most

the purge cvnu open rpg

deep in the stone heart of gothic there was a hollow inside the cold earth and in that dim cavern lay the lair of hawkshade. son of the shogun. former strigidae. and would-be protector of gothic

fallout 4

avery suggests enlisting old longfellow, the town's best hunter, as a guide -- he can be found at the last plank bar nearby. the good-hearted woman also suggests helping out around town, starting the sidequest 'living on the edge.' longfellow is indeed at the bar, and like an old salt, refuses to help unless he's given a whiskey. this can be bought from mitch at the bar, if need be. the

icewind dale

essentially you get an additional spell per spell level, at the cost of not being able to cast spells of the opposition school. originally, the conjurer was an excellent specialist mage, but in the patched heart of winter version of the game, they switched the conjurer's opposition school from divination to invocation, making this not worth the trouble. specialist school opposition school

final fantasy vii

the main problem with playing the 'battle game' is that it costs some gil each time you place a new ally on the battlefield. if you win the war, you are reimbursed for each surviving ally, but not for those who died. therefore, if you're low on money, you have to work on placing allies effectively, instead of just throwing as many of them at the enemy as you can afford. not there's anything

the elder scrolls iv: oblivion

the paralysis will cost more power souls , so that may be a small factor. also, the effectiveness of the staff is leveled, so the higher your level the better it is. so either way you choose, wait 24 hours, speak to him again, and grab your reward in the cupboard behind him. also, be sure to snatch all free scrolls and the gems in this place. now return to polus for your advancement and next

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the thematic core, the actual story, that's strongest in the first game, which i feel is often the case regardless of medium. you make one emotional, low-key, moody thing, and then for the next ones you up the action and wackiness gradually until there's hardly anything left of the original tone.

deus ex

since only latter is the explicit goal of the government, it will always naturally drift towards the increasing optimization of safety at the cost of freedom. anna is rebranding the word freedom to mean its exact opposite; total control over every action and every bit of communication. perfect slavery. the strategic hamlet program was a program for forced relocation of vietnamese peasants to

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the core mechanics are simple and accessible, but combat is fast and fierce. it's best played competitively with friends, cross-legged on the floor within punching distance of each other. it's best played competitively with friends, cross-legged on the floor within punching distance of each other.

kingdom hearts

these abilites cost no ap and they are used on all of the party members. equip this right away. look for a small ledge sticking up on the side of the ship and stand on it, then using high jump, hop on top of the ship to find a green trinity. use it for a mythril shard, then jump to the water. there's some platforms nearby so jump up them and open the chest on the top one to find dalmatians 73

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however, eden, the core of project-k, has fallen into a vegetative state. now it's up to you, a hacker, to travel through a cyberspace filled with firewalls, viruses, and other obstacles, and jump-start the to resolve the world's rising crime rates, a new system called project-k was created.

tomb raider: the last revelation

landing into the balcony is also possible by doing a running jump from the forehead's edge but doing this will make your life harder and will probably also cost you several loads. the balcony is a actually secret 11, holding a box of normal shotgun ammo and a large med pack as your prize for the troubles you've gone through. once collected, you can do the complicated sets of jumps involving

nioh: complete edition

stop before going on the plank and look down off the right of this house. see the guy with the axe down here. drop attack him. that will nearly kill him, so finish him up and break the boxes. there is a patrolling guard that will appear in the open area, so shoot an arrow at him to make him come to you so you can kill him, then head for the ladder behind the far house. climb up the ladder and