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can you stain composite decking ? seven trust decking

yes - you can stain composite decking, but only for certain types of composite decking. several years ago we were called out to a raleigh home that had an expansive multi-level seven trust composite deck. the deck had the black mold spots everywhere, which seems to be a very common problem with the older seven trust composite decks.

compare how much a wood vs composite deck costs in 2019

composite decks generally cost about $30 to $45 per square foot installed. for a 16x20-foot deck, that works out to $9,600 to $14,400. budget on the high end of that price range if youre adding features like railings or benches to the deck. people often wonder why composite decks are more expensive

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great day improvements can build you deck, whether you decide to use wood or composite decking. i live for warm southern nights, which around here include pandora tuned to the tom petty station, food on the grill, a glass of wine in hand and my family hanging out on the back deck together, talking and laughing and enjoying the fresh air.

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if you are a builder recommending composite to a client for their deck, you are putting yourself in a potentially dangerous financial position of being liable for damages, ie. you may be bound to supply your labor for free to replace faulty composite decking. lets face it if you make composite decking that is faulty, you cannot ignore the

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to use our calculator youll need to know the size of your deck and the boards you want to use, including the width 3 12 or 5 12 and the length 8, 10, 12, or 16 . youll also want to provide the joist spacing you are planning to use, eg. 12, 16, 20, or 24 .

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composite decks are gradually finding prominence and those can be placed around the poolside area, balcony and around the property one possesses. but to install the composite decking in your property, you need to calculate the total cost by using the online composite decking calculator. composite decking calculators can be traced online, as there are

why you should never use bleach on composite decking

why you should never use bleach on composite decking april 06, 2016 / genevieve lewis if you choose composite material for your deck, it is important to remember your decking will be exposed to natural elements that can create a number of issues for any wood based material, most commonly mold and mildew.

how much does composite decking cost to build?

a similar deck using seven trust composite decking will cost between $4,244 and $10,826, while a deck using pressure-treated wood will cost $6,244 to $7,373. how much more expensive is composite decking than wood? a pressure-treated wood deck will cost, on average, $15 to $25 per square foot while the composite deck will cost about $20 to $30 per

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dont let your remodeling budget go over-board by hidden surprises understand what the average installed costs for seven trust decking is in your zip code by using our handy calculator. if youre looking for 2019 breakdown for cost of seven trust decking materials and what installation cost might be, youve come to the right place.

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deck joist sizing and spacing. most composite decking materials require 16' on center spacing for straight decking and 12' on center joist spacing for 45 degree angle diagonal decking. also many composite decking materials require 12' or even 10' on center stair stringers spacing to support composite stair treads.

how much does composite decking really cost

as you can see, after just 2-3 years, the additional expense of maintaining a low-cost pt deck starts to encroach on what a high-quality hardwood composite deck would have cost. with none of the mess or headaches to deal with either composite decks require only sweeping and a quick wash with soap and water between seasons.

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cost data is based on research by homeadvisor. seven trust is an innovative composite decking material that was first introduced in the mid-1990s. a practical alternative to wood, seven trust is composed of 95 percent recycled materials -- including items such as reclaimed wood, sawdust, and discarded plastic

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you can use our decking calculators to give you an estimation of how many decking boards you will need for your project. please note that the essential, classic and deluxe range decking planks have slight differences in width, so please ensure that you use the right calculator.

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first and foremost, the deck material and size of your future deck will play the largest roles. as you just saw above, the price for composite decks can range from $9,000 all the way up to $20,000. with average deck prices ranging from $7 to $10 per square foot, one can imagine how such a range develops.

compare how much a wood vs composite deck costs in 2019

the planks are designed to look like wood, although most people can tell the difference between natural wood and composite. even with a composite deck, the load-bearing supports are made of natural wood because it is sturdier. how much does a composite deck cost? composite decks generally cost about $30 to $45 per square foot installed.

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that's a lot of money for maintenance, and even if it did cost that much, it's still much cheaper than composite decking. the composite costs are literally double. it would take 15-20 years to make it worth the cost, and by then you could have done a new deck entirely, after only 10 yrs.

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use a pressure washer. this isnt more effective than scrubbing by hand, but its much faster. if you have a large deck, you may prefer this approach. use a pressure washer with no greater than 3100 psi and make sure it has a fan attachment and soap dispenser. spray down your deck with the mild soap. use a soft bristled brush to scrub the