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step 1: prepare the area. mark out the perimeter of the area where you want your landscape edgers to go, using a garden hoseits flexible and easy to adjust while youre visualizing the edge of your planting bed. once youre happy with the layout, trace along the edge of the hose with spray paint.

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composite pavers. pavers made mostly from recycled materials are called composite pavers. they have the appearance of natural materials but are lighter and easier to work with than natural materials. composite pavers can be cut to almost any shape by a jigsaw with a five- to six-tooth blade or a miter saw with a wood-ripping blade.

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when you reach one end of the edging run, mark the last piece for cutting at the desired length. cut the marked timber to length, using a miter saw, if you have one; otherwise, you can use a hand saw or a reciprocating saw. join the cut piece to the end of the row with mending plates, as before.

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make sure the female side loops of the tile is facing away from the edge. after filling the left edge with tiles and the adjacent edge, proceed to fill the rest of the space with whole tiles. when you come up to a wall or object, dont worry. just measure the area and cut the tiles with a sharp tile cutter and put the trimmed tiles into place.

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19. deck trim. deck trim adds a finished look to the decking and gives a point to bump the top of the deck skirt up to. fasten outside mitres together tightly. lap joints look best for inside corners. be familiar with composite decking expansion/contraction and cut trim accordingly.

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fill in your tiles as close as possible, then cut cardboard into 1-square-foot pieces to act as template for your tiles. draw on your cardboard where youll have to cut the tiles to fit into the space. you can even cut the cardboard square and lay it in place to make sure the template is the right shape. next, mark your actual tiles.

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often, these lower quality composite boards are of an insufficient width to create a stair tread out of a single board, which requires more math, cutting, and work during the construction of stairs, and involves another edge that can be tripped over. all of these concerns can be addressed by using a quality composite decking system.