how to notch rafters for pergola

how to build a pergola: pergola plans the family handyman

mark and cut the rafter tails. cut the decorative rafter tails j from treated 2x10 pine using the grid template shown in fig. a . for consistency, mark your first one as the pattern and trace this piece each time. sand the gentle curves with a belt sander or portable drum sander.

the pergola project: building a pergola digin

the pergola project: building a pergola digin. drill a hole in the corner of your notch rectangle. use the jigsaw to cut two straight lines and then use the drilled hole to place your jigsaw blade and cut the top of the notch out. repeat this for the remaining 3 notches on the same board.

post to beam attachment with pergola

as long as your notch is tight there is no problem with continuing the post up to the pergola, we do it on a regular basis with roofs and pergolas. the beam will pass the loading of the pergola through to the post under the beam so you're fine.

post to beam attachment with pergola

re: post to beam attachment with pergola i would try to get a nice heavy strap on the notched side, connecting the post on both sides of the notch. if it bolts through you beam, as well, so much the better.

designing and building a pergola

quick note for those whove never built a pergola before: the girders and rafters cantilever past the posts. a number of factors go into figuring out what the best cantilever is, but we usually start with 16 inches. so, the over-all dimensions of the pergola are where the rafters end, but you build the box to where the posts go.

cutting beams for a pergola

then begin notching the ledger board 2 inches from the ends and then every 12 inches, using a jigsaw. make sure you cut out a 2-inch notch for each beam. step 3: cut the long beams. after measuring from the inner edge of the ledger beam out to the edge of the patio, add 2 inches and cut the number of needed pergola beams from 2 x 6 lumber.