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if your plans include growing clematis on a pole or similar structure, consider using thick fishing line to provide support for the plant. the plant usually is sold with a small pole holding up the vine. leave that pole in place as you position the plant in the soil near the base of the pole. attach the fishing line so that it runs up the pole.

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below is a rrun down of some of the best plants for your pergola jewel of africa nasturtium flower. the nasturtium vine is available with various appealing mandevilla colors like maroon, orange, salmon, yellow apricot shade and red. besides, the combination of green leaves and the colorful flower makes the pergola look very beautiful.

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arches and pergolas also offer great opportunities for showing off a range of climbers to best effect. creative uses around the garden. framing a view or focal point. making a fragrant seat. creating an entrance. dividing garden into rooms. adding height and interest. creating a shady refuge.

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plant flowers around the base of your pergola or include taller bushes as part of your landscape design. accessories containers can be moved around to enhance the appearance of your pergola.

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pergola and planter set first posts. the pergola is constructed by first cutting and positioning the corner posts, construct the top frame. with the help of a friend or two, construct the top frame in place cut remaining posts. mark the position of the remaining posts. set posts. trim each

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plant climbing honeysuckle to grow up an arbor, trellis, wall or pergola. the vine twine so will need something to wrap around, such as a pole, post or wire. you can also grow climbing honeysuckle down a bank or rock wall, letting it cascade down the slope as well.

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best plants for a pergola honeysuckle. with beautifully twining growth, honeysuckles lonicera are ideal plants for pergolas. passion flowers. the bee-friendly blooms of passion flowers are spectacular potato vine. if youre after evergreen colour, consider the potato vines solanum laxum

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how to build a pergola. measurements for the uprights of a pergola should be around 2.7m 9ft from ground level so that climbers can trail down to some degree without impeding passage. the width across the path between the uprights should be approx. the same as the height to achieve a degree of balance.

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it covers a huge range of plants, showing many varieties of the same species. there are several ways you can use this book: plants for a particular place e.g. dry shade, coastal sites, acid soil. types of plants, in different seasons, sizes and colour ranges. an index of all the plants in the book, with varieties and descriptions.

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this pergola was built with the intention of creating shade. the picture depicts it with beautiful flowers and vines covering it to create that perfect sitting area to relax and enjoy your property after a long day of hard work. build this pergola 2. the plant hanger pergola

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pergolas, arbors, and trellises look mighty boring without a plant wrapped around their nooks and crannies. but why should you bother finding a trellis plant to cover your garden structure? it might be to provide privacy, add a decorative element, or save space in a small area.

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a kiwi vine takes a lot of space to grow that is why it is one of the best pergola plants in our list. to get fruits from the kiwi plant, youll need to have both male and female plants for pollination.

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if a pergola is intended for climbing vines, smaller openings or structural elements should be included in order to allow the plants room to ramble. pergolas can also be integrated with other hardscape elements; two of this structure's corners provide edge pieces for kitchen areas.

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pergola's are a welcome addition to any garden -- and the options are endless. expresso looks at which plants work for a sa garden.