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copperhead's defeat will stop them, after which you should swim to the south bank of the river and take out hognose to stop the catapults. continue east until gyuki closes the gate, then turn north and pummel patchnose in the garrison. this will allow the engineers to build a catapult, which can demolish the gate in two shots. devastate gyuki as well, watching out for siege weapon fire as you

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to restore it's natural greenness, interact with another sim. only positive interactions will raise this bar. a quick boost can be obtained by talking on the phone. consult the relationships section for more information. comfort: when this bar if red, have a nice sit on a couch or chair or sleep in your comfortable bed. bladder: if this bar is empty, expect to see a puddle on the ground where

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from that central room, jump down into the water and swim north to three small mushroom platforms. on the tallest one is the key. grab it, then use a water spout to get back to the higher levels. head north to the lockjawed door. past the locked door is the dragon orb but it is tied up by stomach muscles. in the next room is some red tissue that looks like a saggy diaper that leaks. draw a

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swim out into the middle of it and if it's friday you'll see a pokemon floating around that looks ex- actly like you save and click on it to enter the battle. this here is the cool-ass pokemon lapras, a half water/half ice type. it is widely considered to be one of the best pokemon you can catch due to its high hp, special attack, sweet moves that require high special att- ack, and type

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they will swim and swim and swim, sometimes until they just climb out of the pool and collapse in front of the pool ladder. if there are any sims in the swimming pool when the pool ladder is blocked, they will all die. if you have an angled wall on top of a carpet, you can't remove the carpet without removing the wall. oh and a huge glitch. if you delete any picture in a scrapbook, then the