pigs ear stair rail

star ocean: the last hope

up the stairs is a chest with a shining stone inside. go all the way downstairs, to the entrance of the citadel. examine each stone object around the circular walkway. you may notice that some of them don't have the blue stones in them - this is where the shining stones you have been collecting come in. after moving all of the stones, go back up the west stairs. head to the inner ring on the


go up the kitchen stairs and save using the origin mirror. i recommend keeping one file from outside of the moon cave, as you're trapped here for a while. there's a big pot in the center of the kitchen. connect the konohana blossoms floating above to the hooks on the pot. head chef ajimi is saved. how does he repay this altruistic act of kindness? he demands that you retrieve the four secret

the legend of zelda: spirit tracks

go up the stairs in the south-east corner of the room, then follow the directions on the letter to get to floor 2, then head north and up the stairs on the right to get to zelda's private quarters, where she's playing the spirit flute. she says there's something fishy with cole and that she needs to see the tower of spirits due to the missing spirit tracks. she asks if you would take and of

far cry walkthrough

jack carver's got a lot of ground to cover. if you're lost in paradise like jack, or tired of getting smacked around by tridgens, try our far cry walkthrough, with a full walkthrough, and tips for


she'll come straight at you to where you can hit her but will be blocked by the rail from hitting you. the fifth slot, at the bottom of the stairs, will also work. you'll have to stand on the stairs and hit the npc the way you hit the supercow on caldoaxa. it takes a little more work than the fourth slot, but it can be done. ===== aegis ===== realtor - west from the first desert screen, he

grand theft auto iv

<dardan stops his car at the twitchin's building and runs up a set of stairs.> roman dardan is stopping, he trying to get away on foot. <niko confronts dardan when he comes to a dead end. he pulls out a knife, but niko easily disarms and kills him.> niko shit i told myself i wouldn't kill anyone in this country <return to the car> niko dardan ain't a problem for you no more, cousin. roman

animal crossing: new leaf

a faq for tobidase doubutsu no mori or jump out animal forest this is version r, created by liquefy on september 1, 2015. version a was created on november 14, 2012.

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once you get the orbs, jump back over the railing and scale the wall again. once atop the wall, watch as the colossus roars, then as soon as you can move kratos, press x to jump to the lower arena. if you missed the chance, jump to avoid the shockwave of the colossus's slam, then jump down while the colossus recovers. if kratos does not jump down at the right time, he will take damage

metal gear 2: solid snake

head down the stairs, go west, north, west, up the stairs, enter the control room door. examine the map, take out the guards when they salute. exit the room, go east, up, west, take elevator to floor 2f. head east, enter door, pick up card 1 . exit room go north, pick up ration b2 and enter door 1 and get the binoculars . there's also ammo in the south-west corner of this floor. go

kingdom hearts ii

the spiral stairs become reality and sora, donald, and goofy run up them fighting heartless. goofy smashes one with his shield. donald performs thunder. sora sees diz and a figure in black through the blue smoke. a white hall forms around them and sora finds himself alone, facing down marluxia, who smirks. sora runs forward. marluxia swipes with his scythe. sora flies forward, dodging another


beat those guys who hang off the light fixtures if you throw them off the railing and then go down- stairs and into the actual dance floor. beat the akai brothers who apparently have a tag team routine and you'll find out that they handed haruka over to the se waa chinese mafiosi, headed by lau ga lung. kiryuu remembers when he was saved from lau's torture by kazama. date will call you. go

metal gear solid 4: guns of the patriots

selfish, egotistical pigs. ed notices a flashing light on the scanning equipment. he moves over to it to investigate. ed : commander meryl : what is it? meryl stands up. ed checks the scanning equipment and then whispers into meryl's ear. ed : there's 20 of them. and they're not from that pmc, praying mantis, either. it's the frogs. a group of four soldiers in advanced exoskeletons are

bully walkthrough

climb the stairs and find the spot in the middle thats missing a section of railing. use the 'circle' button to hop up onto the ledge where the railing is missing.

call of duty: modern warfare

go up the stairs, taking down the enemy there before he can kill your partner. if you have any ammo left for the m203, use it as soon as you are in the doorway on the landing of the second floor. fire into a group of enemies and then mop up the rest with the m4a1. move all the way down the hall, and make sure all the enemies are dead in the little room with the mounted machine gun, then get on

disney/pixar toy story 3

hop on top of the stair rail and you will slide all the way down to the bottom landing on the ironing board. right by the iron is the ninth collectible round-up card 13 . hop down to the ground and head slightly past the stairs to the red box that has an als toy store coin on it. jump on it and then jump toward the wall and woody will hand from it. shimmy to the left and jump the gap and