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these are 8 1/2 inches long, which should be good for all but the deepest tumblers, but if you have even smaller cups, you can always trim them down to size. if you need something longer, try these 10-inch silicone straws .

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paneling and trim use the bathroom corner trim on the edges of the paneling. this not only gives it a nice, clean look, but has the added benefit of covering uneven cuts.

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the bottom trim, s, comes with a 5.8-inch touchscreen for audio and bluetooth hands-free phone, and keyless entry. the se trim adds the big sunroof and a fender audio system. you will need to move

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roger and kevin discuss different kinds of fillers for wood and pvc trim. roger helps a homeowner install a solar-powered fountain. roger helps a homeowner install a solar-powered fountain. genre s : health and lifestyle , educational , arts

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projects include installing a curved basecap molding in a stairwell, and collecting sap from a maple tree and making syrup from it. also: purchasing electrical wire by the foot. kevin o'connor hosts.

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in fact, a snippet of plywood or 1/8 in. paneling might even work for a quick fix, though the moisture would soon get to it. the problem with the plexi is that i think the cap does get some

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part 11 of 18 in concord, mass.concord cottage. july 2, 2006. wallboard is installed; an air-to-air heat exchanger and a new radiant heat system are demonstrated; and design choices for the

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also: contractor tom silva helps a homeowner repair a cracked drywall ceiling. wood trim is added to a doorway in a home. season 6, episode 7. november 17, 2007. ask this old house. season 6

ask this old house

richard trethewey helps a homeowner repair a leaking pvc drain trap underneath his kitchen sink. in the ask this old house loft, tom, richard, roger and kevin examine an unfamiliar object and try