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what screws to use on wood fencing pressure-treated wood. if you are planking your fence with pressure-treated wood, untreated wood. if your fence will be planked with an untreated wood variety such as cedar near the ocean. if your fence is being built in a seaside location, lag screws.

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as a general guideline, you can use 8 diameter deck-type screws for most utility tasks. use 1-1/4 inch screws for basic tasks where strength is less of an issue or when attaching two 3/4-inch-thick boards across the grain. keep some 2 1/2-inch deck screws for screwing into end grain, plus some stronger 3-inch screws for attaching into end-grained boards, or when a little extra added power is needed.

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learn about the different screws used to build a privacy fence and why they are better then using nails in this free construction video. expert: mark sullivan bio: mark sullivan has been a

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pilot hole size. try using a drill bit about the same width as your screw shank, drill the pilot hole and drive in the screw. if there are no problems when you put in the screw, you are good to go, but if the wood splits slightly, replace your drill bit with the next largest size and use that.

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attach 2x4 hangers to post cut 2x4s to size and just slide it in the hanger, and attach with screws or nails. makes one man fence building a breeze .. this image was submitted as a sweepstakes entry.

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yep. the ring shank nails hold very, very well, are a lot cheaper and the flat head won't pull through the cedar if it starts to warp like the countersink, angled heads of the deck type screws. i like to use screws for nearly any project, but to put up fence boards it is just not necessary.

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some people prefer to use screws; which is fine and gives your fence strength. the pressure-treated fence panels call specifically for nails from the manufacturer, though. it is also a good idea to rent a framing nailer and compressor to finish a large job quickly, if you dont already own them.

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i have tried to screw them in but am having trouble. i don't know if i am using the wrong size screw or should use attachment. the wood i am using is pressure treated. i am using 2x4 in between the posts with a 1x6 on top of the 2x4 and 4x4 posts. i didn't know if something like deckorators would work or not. i have tried to screw them in but don and 39;t know if i am using the wrong size of

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steel posts come in many shapes and sizes. the most common post for wood fences in the dallas area is 2 3/8 inch diameter galvanized. there are also many thicknesses of steel that can be used to make the post.

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may not be a good idea, but plan on using composite pickets at 5 lbs each 23 per section . haven't thought much about the weight issue, but maybe i should. rather than toe-screws, thought about using 5' torx through the post and into the ends of the rail . then off-set every other rail for screw access.

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this is a very important component for a successful fence installation. the most common size for rails is 2 x 3 or 2 x 4. maximum post spacing is 8 between posts; thus, a 2 x 4 x 8 rail would be used. if you are doing an 8 tall fence, we recommend using a 2 x 4 x 12 rail and setting your posts on 6 centers.

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screw the supports along the outside edge of the bottom rail on one side of the fence, fastening them every 6 to 8 inches with 8 2' deck screws. repeat on the top rail. put the first board in place next to a post, make sure its plumb, and screw it to the supports with 8 1 58' deck screws.

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this component-built fence, where you attach the pickets individually rather than in pre-assembled panels, will use 6-foot pickets that are 5-1/2 inches wide. the space between the pickets will be 3-1/2 inches.

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stainless solves that problem for a lot more money. pickets are typically 5/8' thick. a 2' nail is ideal if using a nailer, but 2-3/8' is much more common on store shelves. that extra 3/8' causes 1/4' of nail to protrude out the back of the 2x4, which sucks.

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whether you choose to use screws or nails, the length is crucial to the success of your fence. to attach preassembled panels or backer rails to posts, we recommend 18d to 20d nails or 3-1/2 in. to 4 in. long screws. to attach individual pickets to the backer rails, we recommend 8d to 10d nails or 1-1/4 in. to 1-3/4 in. long screws.

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fence layout techniques. and, measuring four posts ahead lets me see if i need to recalculate the panel width to fit the space knocking them down to 6-1/2 or 7or up to 9 feetworks to trick the eye . this creates the illusion of full panels, without having to make very detailed measurements.

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a fence that is 48-feet long will have six to eight posts. use a post-hole digger to make a hole 8 inches wide and just over 2-feet deep image 2 . pour about 4 inches of gravel for the base, and then insert the 8-foot 4x4 post into the hole. then pour dry concrete into the hole surrounding the post.

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this chart is designed for flat-head screws but can be used for any type. the column on the right shows the size of the pilot hole to be drilled for starting the screw. the chart also gives the relative size of the head and shank of screw sizes ranging from 2 to 16. this will help you select the proper size screw quickly and easily.

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screw or nail the top and bottom horizontal rails into the fence posts, using either 4-inch wood screws or 18d to 20d nails. if the horizontal rails protrude slightly at the end of the fence

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attach all rails. for the top rail i attached two 2×4's together at 90 degree angles using 3 inch deck screws. once attached, you can attach the rail to each post using 4 inch deck screws. use a level to ensure you don't have a crooked fence. having a friend help hold the rail up is ideal.

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what's your preference? screws or nails for a pt wooden fence? options below. 1 1 5/8' deck screws 2 1 5/8 hot dipped galvanized screws with a coil nailer any experience that would steer a strong opinion either way? thanks, josh

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these screws are excellent for a wood fence that is built near the ocean, riverbanks, and lakes. knowing what type of screws to use for your wooden will save you from damaging it. now you are ready to build additional resources. screw deck: how to build a deck railing. stainless steel: kitchen design trends for 2019.

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to effectively attach a board to a rail, the screw must run through the fence board and approximately halfway into the rail. the width of a standard fence rail is 1-1/2-inches, and the thickness of a standard fence board is approximately 5/8-inch to 3/4-inch. for most applications, fence screw length falls between 1-1/2-inches and 2-inches.

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the most appropriate nail for fence rails are 16-d 3 1/2-inch nails. a ring-shank nail has concentric ridges rings all the way down the nail's shank, allowing the embedded nail to grip the wood so firmly that it is tough to pull out. the proper nail material is determined by the type of wood you're using.

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using screws for a wooden fence. generally, nails can be quickly and easily hammered into a wooden fence with little resistance from the wood itself. screws take more time, often requiring holes to be drilled before the application of the screw. in addition, screws are typically more expensive than using nails.

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screw or nail the top and bottom horizontal rails into the fence posts, using either 4-inch wood screws or 18d to 20d nails.

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since your 2x6 decking is 1-1/2' thick, you can use 2-1/2' or 3' deck screws. there is not much benefit to using much longer screws, because the screws will usually break before they pull out of the wood. but sometimes when a deck board is warped, that extra length helps to pull it down because the screw grabs earlier.

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as far as screw lengths, if you're planning on toenailing the screws, you could probably get away with 2' screws, but longer will be better. i would use 1-1/2' for the pickets. instead of toenailing the 2x to the 4x, you might have better luck with a bracket like this. you could also use shorter screws that way, so your tools might work better.

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6' wooden fence5 in cedar hill, tx. howard young of kni landscaping,llc is drilling exterior deck screws into dog ear boards. screws last long and prevent board pops. kni landscaping is a full

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what length nails do i need to nail fence pickets onto 2x4's? i was going to use a 2' ring-shanked nail, but thought it might poke through the 5/8' picket and 2x4' since they generally are about 1.5' not 2' .