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standard pergola rafter spacing. you would simply find the center of the pergola, place a rafter at this point, then work your way to the ends of the pergola, placing each subsequent rafter a foot off center from the previous rafter for a total of eight rafters that stop about a foot away from the edge of the pergolas beam.

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support posts. to adequately support the lumber overhead as well as give the pergola a sturdy look, youll probably need to use 6×6 for the support posts. for a very small pergola with only 4 to 6 feet between posts, 4×4 supports will work. for anything larger, though, the 6×6 stock will not only offer a beefier look and greater carrying capacity,

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how to build a pergola pick the site. watch the video of this step. dig the post holes. watch the video of this step. set the posts. watch the video of this step. once the post holes are dug, set the posts. prepare support beams and rafters. watch the video of this step. install beams and

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to give our pergola footings a strong grip, the concrete guys dug out where the posts were going to be so the concrete was deeper in those areas. then when we installed the post bases, the bolts used to hold them wouldnt be longer than the cement was deep for a nice strong hold. this step is not necessary, but if you can, it doesnt hurt.

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squaring the posts for a pergola is essential to getting the project off to a good start; without a squared foundation, the rest of the measurements for the pergola may be off. once the posts for the foundation have been squared, leveling them will further ensure the project's success.

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pergola footings. it's more work to dig post holes for pergola footings just beyond an existing deck design but it is the best way to connect your pergola and decking while still maintaining them both as independant structures - we always prefer a solid cemented in installation.

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step 1. set four 2-by-4 stakes in the ground to represent the four corner posts. drive the first stake in the ground at the first corner. pull a tape measure along the first wall out to the distance of the length of the wall. for example, if your four posts will be set 10 feet apart along the length and width of the building,

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if your post is a 4x6 the wide part of the post goes perpendicular with the wall 4' parallel with wall / 6' running the other way . leave room for the girts by placing the post 1 1/2' inside where the mason lines meet at the building corner unless you are doing bookshelf girts .

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dig holes with posthole diggers to one-third the depth of the vertical support posts. for example, for a 9-foot-tall pergola, use 12-foot posts with 3 feet underground for ample support. dig a hole for each corner post to the correct depth and 12 inches in diameter. pour 3 inches of gravel into the bottom of each posthole.

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constructing a four post building does not need to be complex or difficult. as with any construction project, it is vital for you get off to a good start. with a four post building this means getting the corners square prior to driving the first nail or cutting the first board. having the structure

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dig the first post hole. local building code will dictate post hole depth and diameter. typically, the diameter is triple the width of the post 12 inches for a 4-inch-by-4-inch post . the hole depth should be below the frost line. typically, this means to a depth of 30 inches 24 inches for post, 4 inches for gravel and 2 inches below ground

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squaring the posts for a pergola is essential to getting the project off to a good start; without a squared foundation, the rest of the measurements for the pergola may be off .

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western timber frame pergolas come with all the instructions you need to install your pergola. all pergola kits are precut, stained, marked, numbered, and can be installed in a single afternoon.

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how to lay out a square pole building 2 comments. posts are set 1 1/2 inside the actual building dimension to leave room for the girts that are nailed to the outside perimeter of the posts unless your construction technique will incorporate bookshelf girts . so when setting the mason lines for a 30×40 dimension the post will actually

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use a carpenter square to be sure each post is 45 degrees square with the nearest outside post. step 4 - planting posts. at the mark you made to identify placement of your posts, and without removing the string you've attached as a perimeter, dig 6 holes that are about 12 inches in diameter and 24 inches deep.

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squaring the posts for a pergola is essential to getting the project off to a good start; without a squared foundation, the rest of the measurements for the pergola may be off . back patio pergola polo shirt foundation polo foundation dupes arbors

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the first step of the project is to set the posts for the 12×12 pergola. therefore, use string and batter boards to lay out the location of the posts. measure the diagonals and make adjustments till they are equal. moreover, you need to apply the 3-4-5 rule to each of the four corners, so you make sure they are right angled.

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the span is 12' from post to post. the beam is 2x6 cedar, with 2' x 2' notches where the pergola joists connect with a six inch screw coming in from the top. i'm thinking up putting 2x6 cedar diagonals at the posts to the beam, connecting at the first pergola joist on each side 20' from post at a 45 degree angle.

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installing the posts. the posts are composed of pressure-treated 4 x 4 cores that are sheathed with 1 x cedar. we secured the post cores to a concrete pad with steel post-base anchors.