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how to anchor a pergola to the ground. grow vines over a pergola, or add lattice to its top to make a shady summertime picnic area. a pergola's structural integrity rests on its posts and how well they are anchored to the ground. they can be set in the ground with concrete or anchored at ground level with heavy steel brackets embedded in concrete footing.

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to anchor the posts, you need metal anchors and bolts. our anchor kits, whether for concrete or wood decks come with everything you need to attach your structure securely. option 1: standard anchor kit the metal anchors sit on the surface and are attached using either 4 anchor bolts for concrete or 4 lag bolts if you attaching to a wood deck .

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build a pergola planter. if desired, you can anchor the four corners of your pergola with planter boxes. to build the four planter boxes around the pergola posts, attach 1x4s to 2x2 framing with 1-5/8-inch screws. butt-join the corners, line with 4 mil plastic sheeting held in place with staples, and cover with 1x4 trim pieces.

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using plastic garden planters to hide, level, and anchor the legs of a gazebo. hammered a rod of rebar through the planter into the ground and placed the hollow leg of the gazebo over the rebar. then added about 20lbs of stone to level the legs, and anchor them. finally added some planter soil and some flowers and citronella.

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if they were substantial, then you could simply put a bolt galvanized with a large washer through the side of each wooden planter and through each pergola upright. you could also consider designing the pergola so that it is a little wider than the patio so that you could simply anchor it in the ground you could dig a hole by each post location, fill with concrete, and plant a u-bracket into the concrete .

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3 tier planter plans; use lag screws to anchor the board to the house framing. use a spirit level to plumb the board perfectly horizontal. building the rafters. next, you need to build the rafters for the pergola from 2×4 lumber. use a miter saw to make the angle cuts at one end of the boards. making the decorative cuts to the rafters.

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to anchor or not anchor a pergola? so i'am going to be moving into a new rental house that has a concrete backyard. not necessarily a bad thing when you have dogs except for the fact that its facing west so it gets toasty

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step 1: locate anchor position. first, you will need to decide where the anchor are going to go. the posts will be positioned in the corners of the pergola. mark the area with an 'x'. place a metal anchor onto the area and trace its outline with a marker. while the anchor is positioned on the cement you can also mark the bolt holes on the bottom.

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planters. large planters how to anchor your pergola. all you need is a few tools and a friend assembly is best done by two people and usually takes about half a day to a day, depending on size. pergolas need a ratchet wrench, a hammer and a ladder to put them together. in some cases you might need a drill to attach the posts into concrete.

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the only way you can use the titan post anchor for that application is to of course add blocking under the decking between joists but also rely on the shape of the structure itself and the roof framing and roof to post bracing to firm up the pergola.

the 'lift' of a pergola roof is enough to make the whole structure bounce up and down or even lift it off the ground. remove enough of the pavers to dig a proper footing, set anchor concrete and do it right or your pergola could end up in the neighbor's yard, or in the street.

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a more unconventional use for planters. is to use them as anchors for structures like pergolas. on this rooftop in boston we used planters to anchor this freestanding pergola so that it fit securely in the space without needing to damage the building or rooftop.

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anchoring pergola to floating deck. they recommend poured footings for the pergola and build the floating deck around it - keeping them separate. this late realized bit of advice spoils the simplicity of my whole plan. searching for alternate advice has lead me to this site. the titan post anchor seems to be a confident bracket to use.


one solution is to put the gazebo legs in a wide/square planter pot and secure the leg into the pot with concrete. this is similar to digging a hole in the ground and securing it with concrete, except that it will be above ground. the end result will be four planter pots holding the gazebo down.

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the main uprights for the pergola will likely be 100mm by 100mm, so anchor points will be needed to stop them from moving around and getting damaged. i plan on hanging a two seater swing inside it also, so rigidity will be needed.

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the four corners of the pergola are anchored with planter boxes. before you start: use rot-resistant lumber, either pressure-treated or the heartwood of cedar or redwood.

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browse through our wide selection of brands, like yardcraft and modern pergola kits. if you arent finding the perfect product in the results for your current search for pergola anchor kit, you can try searching again or using the department navigation on the top of the page.

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how to anchor a pergola. sand filled pots are nearly impossible to move. how to anchor a pergola. sand filled pots are nearly impossible to move . visit. discover ideas about house yard complete step-by-step tutorial to create posts in planters that are guaranteed not to blow over or shift. mijardinalidad ad

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since i didnt want to wake up one morning with a pergola smashed into my kitchen, i had to anchor it down. i used the heaviest duty post anchor i could find. theyre triple zinc coated and recommended to use with treated lumber. they also came with 1 stand-off plates to elevate the lumber off the concrete for moisture control.